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PopXFit™ is Fitness at YOUR Fingertips!

PopXFit is a digital marketplace that enables YOU to list (as a PopXPro), discover, request, book and pay for unique fitness activities. We’re out to turn fitness into play. PpXFit directly connects YOU with certified instructors and coaches offering fun and unique fitness activities.

PopXFit is the easiest most convenient way to get fit. Whether you’re an early morning riser or a highenergy night owl, PopXFit is designed to fit into any lifestyle. One tap and YOU can find the perfect session near your home or while your on the road. 


Become A PopXPro

Join our team and expand your marketing reach! Let PopXFit make your brand SHINE! 

Email: comeoutandplay@popxfit.com


Our Mission

PopXFIt is out to transform YOUR life by redefining exercise as fun and making fitness accessible anytime, anywhere. No Monthly Contracts! 

Join a Pilates in the park class one day, kickboxing another or have a vetted PopXPro come to YOU!

An active lifestyle is a happier lifestyle. And with PopXFit we make Fitness fit YOUR busy lifestyle


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